Kishorn Drydock

Green Marine were contracted by Kishorn Port Limited & Gael Force to install moorings for the Kishorn drydock gates each of which, weigh 13,000te. Each mooring was designed with 5x 10te anchors and over 300m of 100mm chain.

Prior to carrying out the installation, the Green Marine engineering team assessed the positions of the anchors and the lengths of the chain using Orcaflex. This was carried out to ensure that sufficient lengths were being provided for the mooring chain to reach the deck of the MultiCat.

Following the Orcaflex checks, the team created an installation Method Statement and Risk Assessments to ensure the chain and anchors were safely handled during the deployment.

The Green Isle then proceeded to Kishorn and began installing the mooring spreads. Each mooring was connected to a surface buoy and chain riser which was used to secure the dock gates in position. The below video shows the anchor installation operation.

Following the successful installation of the gate moorings, Green Marine returned to Kishorn to remove the gates and connect them to the moorings spread. On the first occasion this was to allow access for the MV Kaami which had recently ran aground on the Shiants. Green Marine developed procedures to remove the drydock gate using two MultiCat vessels, one of which was the Green Isle. These vessels successful removed the gate and connected it to the mooring. Once the Kaami was secured in the drydock the MultiCats replaced the gate to allow the drydock to be pumped dry. Following this Kishorn Port Limited carried out the breaking of the Kaami.


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