Fabrication & Installation Aid Design

Green Marine specialises in light engineering & fabrication services, typically suited to supporting its offshore marine operations.

Including bespoke lifting equipment design, detailed engineering, production of fabrication drawings, oversight of fabrication, proof loading, 3rd party verification & certification.

Green Marine can also fit out equipment with electrical, hydraulic & cctv systems for remote control of lifting equipment where advantageous.

Atlantis AR1000 Turbine Foundation Recovery

Green Marine was contracted to recover six steel blocks from a turbine foundation on the seabed each weighing 205te.  These required recovering from a fast flowing tidal site in the Orkney Islands using a 700te Gantry Barge.  Originally the plan had been to lower lift rigging and use divers to connect the lift rigging prior to each lift, however based on an early risk assessment, the use of a remotely controlled lift frame which could self align and dock on each block was selected as the preferred approach.

Green Marine’s Engineering Team spent many months initially developing the lift frame concept and its outline dimensions.  The structural engineering team with assistance from Naval Architects developed the final detailed design and fabrication drawings.  JBS Fabricators (based in the North of Scotland) assisted Green Marine with the fabrication of the 6m x 6m x 1.5m frame over a 3 month period.  After this it was fitted out with 8 camera’s and 6 hydraulic rams for aligning and engaging hardox lifting pins.


Green Marine’s contract was originally to decommission and scrap these ballast blocks and associated turbine foundation which were 45m below the sea surface.  Offshore operations were simplified so significantly, that the lift frame and blocks were purchased back by the original owner and used for redeployment of a second tidal turbine in Japan.