Green Quest

The Green Quest is an 18m survey and crew transfer vessel equipped to carry out nearshore operations.

The Green Quest has carried a number of seabed bathymetric surveys using it’s onboard deployment frame and side mounted survey pole. This can be completed using MultiBeam EchoSounder technology or Side Scan Sonar equipment.

In addition to surveys the vessel has can also be hired to carry out offshore personnel and light cargo transfers. The Green Quest has operated on a number of offshore wind farms in this capacity. The vessel has also completed operations acting as a guard vessel on cable operations and an ROV deployment vessel.to be conducted.  For more information on this hardware and Green Marine’s capabilities please see “Services”

Specifications Summary

UK Flag
"MCA Coding"
Category 2 Waters
Length O.A
Beam O.A
Draught (98%)
Gross Tonnage
37.22 GT
Speed (max)
Deck Area
24m2 forward
Deck Capacity
1.5te / m2
Person’s Onboard
15 Persons (subject to area of operation)

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