Structural Analysis

Green Marine’s structural engineers carry out both linear and non-linear FEA analyses for equipment & vessels used in our offshore operations.  Primarily these analyses are used to design grillages for load distribution into deck structures and for lifting equipment design.

Project Natick

During the final device assembly and loadout of Microsoft’s Project Natick device, the equipment was loaded onto Green Marine’s GM1100 flat top barge. To ensure that the deck could support the combined mass of the equipment a FEA analysis was carried out. All deck plating and deck stiffeners were modelled and grillages were added to help disperse the weight into an acceptable load.


Green Marine was involved in a consortium led by UMBRA group which carried out the testing of their WEC power system. The project involved mounting their WEC onto Green Marine’s GM700 gantry barge.

Prior to delivery of the WEC, the Green Marine engineering team carried out a structural analysis to determine the size of the grillage required to support the WEC. A detailed FEA study concluded that structural I-beams supported by guests were sufficient. The results from the analysis also provided the specification of the welds required for securing the I-beams to the deck.

These grillages were then welded to 5 different locations on the GM1100 to support the mass of the device.

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