Green Storm

The Green Storm is a Damen 2610 Twin Axe crew transfer vessel equipped to carry out personnel transfers on offshore wind farms

The Green Storm has significant experience working on offshore wind farms after initially being deployed on the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm prior to commencing a three-year contract with Equinor on the Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm. During this contract the vessel is working 24/7 with back-to-back crews. The vessel has motion dampening seating and welfare facilities to accommodate up to 15 persons onboard.

Specifications Summary

Bureau Veritas 1 @ Hull I Mach, Light ship / fast utility vessel, Sea Area 2
UK Flag
"MCA Coding"
Category 1 Waters
Length O.A
Beam O.A
Draught (98%)
1.98m – 2.20m
Gross Tonnage
124.26 GT
Speed (max)
Deck Area
90m2 forward
Deck Capacity
1.5te / m2
Person’s Onboard
15 Persons (subject to area of operation)

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