Green Marine Lift Frame Used on North Sea Giant Construction Vessel

Green Marine’s lift frame originally designed for the recovery of six 205te steel ballast blocks forming part of a tidal turbine foundation, has just been used in load out operations in Stromness, Orkney.  All six blocks and a 190te steel turbine foundation have been loaded onboard the North Sea Giant for transport down to Nigg Energy Park where they will be undergoing refurbishment, before further installation in Japan.

Green Marine’s contractual responsibility had been to take ownership and then decommission all subsea equipment, however the innovative lift frame design enabled its end Client to see an opportunity abroad for reusing Green Marine’s turbine foundation, blocks and lift frame.  Green Marine will also be involved in the future marine operations planning as well as provision of key offshore personnel later in the year.

Ballast Blocks were recovered from a temporary site where they had been wet stored.  Prior to these operations, the Green Quest was mobilised and performed a multibeam survey (MBES) of the wet storage site and access, to provide a safe route for the North Sea Giant.