Marine Renewables

Sustainable Marine

Green Marine has been a key project partner during a number of SME’s operations. Firstly during the drilling of rock anchors used as moorings for the PLAT-I device’s test period in Scotland. The Green Marine team created mooring plans to ensure that the anchor installation could be carried out safely without position loss on a tidal site. The Green Isle was then used to tow and install the PLAT-I device to the anchors and moorings.

In addition to this, Green Marine also carried out the decommissioning of SME’s berth at EMEC Fall’s of Warness tidal test area. This included the recovery of moorings connected to rock anchors installed in the seabed and recommissioning of a cable. The Green Isle recovered the SME umbilical, carried out the splicing of a test head and re-laid the cable to the seabed for use by a future developer.

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