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Engineering Services

Green Marine has been developing its in house engineering capabilities over the last several years. We are now at a point where we can provide a wide range of services to Clients covering; Stability and Ballasting calculations, transit and towing analysis, cable lay analysis, cable hook-up and deployment, device deployment, mooring analysis and engineered hook-up procedures. 

Stability and Ballasting calculations – Required for load-out analysis, clearance calculations during engineered lifts between gantry barge and flat top barge, input for hydrodynamic studies.

Transit and Towing analysis – Understanding behaviour of unique vessels / devices during towing, padeye and towing equipment specification, calculation of vessel and device accelerations during transit.

Cable Lay analysis – Produce lay tables for handling cable, splices and connectors. Ensuring loads and bending radii on cables / joint flanges are understood and kept within allowable tolerances.

Cable Hook-up and Deployment Procedures – Simulations used for defining cable handling procedures (typically used in conjunction with lay-tables). Defining specifications for bend restrictors and deployment rigging.

Device Deployment Simulation – Confirming that subsea devices do not exceed limiting factors, such as dynamic loads in rigging, impact loading during landing operations.

Mooring Analysis – Definition of mooring spreads for Green Marine vessels, simulating mooring system hook-up procedures / order. Calculation of pull-in loads for more complex mooring systems.

Engineering Design and Fabrication of Installation Aids – Concept development, iterative engineering design, fabrication, commissioning & offshore deployment.

Engineering services

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