Ilaglyn Salvage

Green Marine & Sula Diving recently salvaged a local fishing boat (the Ilaglyn) from Houton Pier, Orkney.  The Ilaglyn is an 11m clinker boat.

Within 24 hours, Green Marine had worked with Orkney Harbours & Sula Diving to create a full document pack for the recovery operation, as well as mobilising its workboat, the Green Isle to site. 

An inspection dive was initially performed to survey the Ilaglyn, and the second dive then placed slings underneath the hull.  Green Marine raised the boat to the water surface, at which point salvage pumps were used to empty the flooded compartments.  Chain hoists were incorporated in the lift rigging to level out the heel which had developed.

Once floating again, the Ilaglyn was towed alongside the Green Isle back to Stromness harbour, for onwards transport with Heddle Construction.