Green Marine come to the aid of stricken fishing vessel

2 Hours after being contacted on Wednesday evening, Green Marine were departing Stromness to aid the Danish fishing vessel Karbak, a 35m trawler which had lost all means of propulsion.

Green Marine quickly produced procedures, taking consideration of the poor weather conditions (Hs >3.5m) and how best to interface our towing equipment with the vessel.

In approximately 18 hours from the call, the Green Isle (Green Marine’s multicat) had transited 152nm to reach the Karbak 60nm off Shetland and safely connected a towline.  In the following 7 hours, the Karbak was safely towed and brought alongside the quay in Lerwick and the Green Isle returned to Orkney.

The master of the vessel was grateful for the rapid response time and had this to say:

“We were impressed with how quickly Green Marine organised a team and vessel to come and assist us in our time of need. They were constantly professional from start to finish and resolved a bad situation.”