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Based within the hub of marines renewables in Orkney, Scotland Green Marine operates throughout Europe, hosting an impressive range of versatile vessels and highly skilled teams with the expertise and experience to deliver a range of services to the marine industry.

The founders of Green Marine have a long history working in the marine sector having owned and operated a fleet of fishing vessels, ranging in size from 12 to 108m, operating as far afield as the Pacific Ocean.

In the aftermath of the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster in the North Sea and following completion of the Cullen enquiry, the founders of Green Marine commissioned the construction of two oil rig standby safety vessels. These purpose built ships were the first of their class.

The move from the family run traditional fishing industry into Marine Renewable Service Providers came as a result of identifying what this new emerging industries requirements were and how the expertise within the family business, could be beneficial to technology developers testing their devices.

In 2012 Green Marine (UK) Ltd was established, with over 150 years of real sea time experience in its core team.

The first contracts and offshore operations were carried out using existing fishing vessels. This proved to be very successful and within a few months of operations Green Marine procured another vessel, ‘Green Isle’, that was more suited to the operations they were undertaking.

Green Marine recognized that many marine renewable companies were using very expensive oil and gas assets to carry out their offshore operations; specifically operations that required heavy lifting of their devices. With this in mind the GM700 Catamaran Gantry Barge was identified as a versatile vessel and purchased in Denmark in 2012. The GM700 has proved to be a versatile, cost effective and highly capable vessel working in the marine renewables sector.