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Vessel Master
Highly qualified and experienced vessel master.

39 years of experience gained working in the Inshore & Offshore Marine environment, working in a wide variety of marine operations.

I have been involved in various mooring & anchor deployments, pipeline surveys using ROV’s, seismic surveys, hydrographic surveys and oil related works.

I joined Green Marine as a tug/workboat captain, and have taken my many years of experience to be utilised in the marine renewables sector. I have been responsible for the installation of moorings for wave energy devices, and for the towing operations of barges needed for installation works & wave energy devices being towed onto site for installation.

The most recentmarine renewable projects I have been involved in are:

  • Vessel master during mooring installation and towing of Wello Oy’s wave energy device the Penguin, vessel master during installation & recovery of the Penguin on numerous occasions.
  • Vessel master during the installation of Andritz Hydro Hammerfest’s tidal turbine at EMEC, specifically towing out a lifting barge and successfully mooring this in a tidal environment.
  • Vessel master during various complex sea trials for a program for the Scottish government that Green Marine was involved in for the testing of various vessels and equipment used in the Wave & Tidal energy industry.