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Naval Architect
Lead Project Engineer
Responsible for engineering, analysis, planning & methodology, project management.

3 years working in the Tidal Energy sector as Installation Engineer and Site Manager for Andritz Hydro Hammerfest (AHH).

Working as part of the three man, installation engineering team for a pioneering tidal turbine company. We developed a new 200 ton capacity turbine lift frame with cameras and alignment systems, removing divers and ROVs from marine operations, greatly mitigating risks and reducing costs. I was also involved in the planning and management of offshore procedures for the turbine recovery, re-installation and cable laying projects, coordinating multiple vessels and contractors.

Prior to this working in the marine industry as a composites engineer for asmall boat builder and as a free-lance dinghy instructor for over 5 years.

The most recent marine renewable projects I have been involved in are:

  • The retrieval of the AHH HS1000 tidal generator from the EMEC test site, Orkney, using the OCV Olympic Zeus. Subsequent cable lay and development works followed by the re-installation using the GM700 moored gantry barge. (2013)
  • Recent retrieval of the HS1000 once again using the GM700 gantry barge with associated cable and dive works. (2015)